Ford’s Bill Creating Violence Prevention Task Force Passes the House

April 23, 2013
Ford’s Bill Creating Violence Prevention Task Force Passes the House
Springfield, IL – Last week the House of Representatives passes legislation authored by state Representative La Shawn K. Ford (D-Chicago) which would create a Violence Prevention Task Force.
The bill passed 90-6, with strong bipartisan support.
“Last night, a 15-year-old boy was found fatally shot in a backyard about four blocks from President Barack Obama’s home. With all of the violence affecting our children and families, we must work hard to do what we can to decrease violence. Establishing this Task Force is a step in the direction we need to take to strengthen our communities most at risk for violence,” said Ford.
“The task force will not cost the state any extra money to implement, but will coordinate state-funded agencies, including community mental health programs, to provide direct support to community churches, schools and community not-for-profits that work to prevent violence by giving at-risk youth and adults opportunities to make choices that would lead them away from situations of violence,” said Ford. “We must strengthen and focus our community mental programs to work with schools to prevent youth violence.””With 80% of Illinois’ mental health patients left without care, our continuing high unemployment rate and other social problems, it is important that our government function more efficiently,” said Ford.

“If we want to reduce violence, we must have the politcal will to do more than be tough on crime. We must become a more fair and just society and help meet the needs of every member of our society. This task force will work in concert with the Restorative Justice Committee, of which I am Chair, to help bring our communities to a place where people have hope and the ability to turn their lives around, which will make all our communities safer,” said Ford.”With the recent 7th Circuit ruling directing Illinois to implement a conceal and carry law, the establishment of this task force is even more timely,” said Ford.

The Illinois African American Family Commission, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Illinois Latino Family Commission would provide administrative and other support to the Task Force. The Task Force shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly yearly.
For more information, contact one of Ford’s constituent service offices: 816 S. Oak Park Avenue in Oak Park at (708) 445-3673, 5104 W. Chicago Avenue in Chicago at (773) 378-5902 or in the Stratton Office Building in Springfield at(217) 782-5962, or visit

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