Job Opportunities

smallforumWe must do more to safeguard the economic future of our nation. Creating and keeping good jobs here in America will help men and women provide for their families. Ensuring that every American has decent health care and can retire with dignity must be among our priorities. Every high school student who wants to go to college should be able to do so. Just as our parents did for us and their parents did for them, we need to guarantee that our children have better lives than we do.




  • Publicizing job opportunities to community organizations and members
  • Sponsored Job Forum with Illinois Department of Central Management Services and 20 other participants, Purcell Hall March 7, 2008, with more than 1500 persons participating
  • Expanding job opportunities for non-violent ex-offenders
  • Sponsored the State Employment Application Act, HB 95-1332 and HB 95-4612, which provides that an application for State employment may not be ask if the applicant had been convicted for a non-violent criminal offense. Passed both House and the Senate, vetoed by the Governor, no veto override.
  • Sponsored Career Development Forum on March 6, 2009, at the Westside Learning Center with more than 50 vendors and 600 job seekers.


Job Events