Housing & Foreclosure


Chief Sponsor of legislation that would inform homeowners of the right to stay in their homes 30 days after foreclosure is finalized, became State Law 95-0826 on 8/18/08

Chief Sponsor of legislation that urges Congress to enact a 2 year moratorium on interest rate reset increases under sub-prime adjustable rate mortgage home loans, House Resolution 1276 adopted 11/20/08

Sponsor of Foreclosure Town Hall Meeting along with Congressman Danny K. Davis, Austin Senior Center, July 14, 2007, 200 people attended

Moderator of Summit on the Foreclosure Crisis at Congressman Danny K. Davis State of the District Meetings, Malcolm X College, September 15, 2007

Sponsor of Homeowner Outreach days, Malcolm X College, January 12, 2008

Committee Chairman on Foreclosures for Congressman Danny K. Davis


Housing & Foreclosure Events