Social Security Resources

The Social Security Administration web page provides information and publications on disability benefits, retirement benefits, survivors benefits, Supplemental Security Income, the hearings and appeals process, work and earnings, and instructions on how to apply for common SSA benefits. This site also provides information in Spanish.

In October 1999, the SSA began sending out Social Security Statements to workers 25 years old and older who are not yet receiving benefits. If you have received one of these statements and have questions, check out the SSA’s “My Statement” page.

The SSA has the responsibility of enrolling people who are turning 65 into Medicare and for collecting Medicare premiums. For any other information about Medicare, please try the official web page or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services site.
Information about the history of the SSA is also available on the site.

If you have questions not answered on the SSA web page, please contact the agency at 1-800-772-1213 or visit your local SSA office.

To make an inquiry concerning the status of a claim filed with the SSA, non-receipt of benefit payments, or other problems with the Social Security Administration (SSA), my office must have permission from the constituent in the form of a signed Privacy Act Release form from the constituent or a friend or a family member who has power-of-attorney.

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